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Jennifer McKenzie

As a proud New Brunswicker with family and friends stretching from the Bay of Chaleur to the Bay of Fundy, I love every square inch of this province.  That’s why I ran for leader of the New Brunswick NDP.  Growing up in Fredericton, living in a small fishing village, and now in Saint John, I have an appreciation for both rural and urban New Brunswick life – both are critical to our province’s future.

In running for Premier, I know that we must act fast to turn this province into one where youth feel they can stay – and even come from away – to put down roots and raise their children.  We must build a strong world-class public education system with universal-access childcare right across this province.  We must preserve and build real social healthcare without the privatization or austerity that have not worked here or anywhere else.

My vision and our vision as a party is based on certain clear principles of environmentalism, bilingualism, labour rights, human rights, and universal public services.


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