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Albert Rousselle 

#7: Shippagan-Lamèque-Miscou

Albert was born and raised on the Acadian Peninsula. He is a deeply rooted community member and cares for the safety and security of the people. Consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments have shown Albert how little our elected officials care about the community he lives in.

Albert has been a manager of a construction company most of his life and knows the value of teamwork and leadership. Like most of us in small rural communities, our work and our relationships go hand in hand.

Albert also served as President of a Fire Department on the Acadian Peninsula. His public safety training has given him his passion to keeping people safe. With the ice storm that left people without power for weeks and the safety risks with the bridge between Shipaggan and Lameque, Albert could no longer wait for more people to get hurt or their lives to be put at risk.

“It’s time for a voice in the legislature that brings progressive change to the people of New Brunswick and Shipaggan – Lameque – Miscou”. Albert is ready to partner with Jennifer McKenzie to bring that progressive voice.