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Douglas Mullin

#10: Miramichi

Douglas Mullin was born and raised in Sunny Corner. After time spent traveling the world and studying in Fredericton, Douglas moved back to Sunny Corner in order to be close to family.

Douglas’ career in customer service has included jobs in retail convenience, call centre reservations, tech support and hotel hospitality. He is currently employed at the Front Desk of a Miramichi hotel.

Douglas also has a passion for entrepreneurial pursuits and leadership development. He operates as an event and portrait photographer, with a strong interest in the artistic side of nature photography.

“Establishing a $15/h minimum wage for the workers of the province is essential for building our local economy. I have never made $15 an hour in my entire career. Having extra cash in my pocket would be spent locally.”

For Douglas, it’s important to move the economy forward with an increased minimum wage, and to lower the tuition rate, will give more youth the opportunity to choose to stay in the province. Creating better employment throughout the province, with better wages is a step in the right direction according to him.

“I have chosen to stay in New Brunswick for a variety of reasons. One is the great potential I see in our people. Let’s give our youth the best opportunity to succeed close to home.”