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Serge Remi Parent

#13 Kent South

Serge Remi Parent lives in St-Antoine where he loves to garden, play music and live in harmony with people, animals and the land. He is involved in his community being part of the wellness committee and teaching art of living classes to improve wellbeing for all ages at his local community center. He also feeds his community while working at a local organic farm and works in occupational therapy at a health clinic in St-Antoine and Dieppe where he cares for people’s physical and mental health. Teaching in schools, libraries and markets the traditional ways of our ancestors and indigenous people with heart and spirit is a way of life for Serge Remi.  He’s part of a cultural organization promoting traditional knowledge, cultural expression and protecting the rights of first nations and all cultures. Driving a hybrid car, biking and walking to work, composting and minimizing waste are actions that he lives daily, walking the talk to improve his own health and the environment’s health. Listening, taking care of people and creating change for a better world to be is why Serge Remi wakes up every morning. In the name of Mother Earth and humanity, Serge is your voice and candidate for Kent South to respect our rights, to shine our territory’s resources so people here are being cared for, feeling happy and free to be, here in New Brunswick.