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Willie Robichaud

#9: Miramichi Bay – Neguac

Willie is from St-Wilfred, New Brunswick. He is a well known and a very involved member of his community. He takes pride in everything he doses and is very devoted in helping peoples in any way he can.  

He is a talented musician that enjoys playing guitar. He was in a band called ‘Lost Hyw’ for over 2 years. He has organized musical fundraising events in order to help anyone in need and volunteer his time in any way possible. He has been president of the ‘Club Sportif’ and knows the value of teamwork and leadership. He has already helped with road construction and the removing of snow on roads when it was greatly needed to name a few projects that he already did this year.

Willie understands! He has seen the struggle and has lived in some struggle like everyone. He is extremely ready and eager to fight for what is right and for everyone voice to be heard. He understands people’s perspectives and has a overwhelming desire to help as others has helped him in the past.

For more than two decades, he has been employed in the labor force in many different sections. for example, as a fish plant worker for over 10 years and a truck driver for over 14 years to name a few…

He has resurrected the Holiday parade in his community that was nonexistent for many years. He truly enjoys seeing everyone faces light during this event. He coordinates and organizes the parade on his own for 4 years and it keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. He also goes door to door Christmas eve to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

“I think it’s time we need real changes and to have someone speak up, once again in order to make a real difference.”

“As a candidate I will make sure that people’s voices, finally gets heard”