Saint John, September 13, 2018 – Today, Jennifer McKenzie announced the NDP’s plan for child care for children ages 3 to 12.

The NDP would introduce a child care program in every New Brunswick public school wherever parental demand exists. Childcare will be offered in school classrooms before the school day begins and after the school day ends for school-aged children, from 6 am to 6 pm, with flexible hours for shift workers. Childcare will be offered for toddlers in the schools during the day too.

Childcare will be open to everyone and there will be no waiting lists. The cost to parents will be $10 per child. Existing provincial and federal government subsidies will follow the child to the school-based program.

‘’10$ a day childcare, goes hand in hand with $15 minimum wage for lifting young families to a living wage and releases 18,000 new workers into the economy.  Families that can afford not only food and rent, but also to enroll their children in community activities are what keep vibrant communities alive. ‘’ – Jennifer McKenzie

Other highlights :

  • All childcare workers will be public servants and qualified Early Childhood Educators (ECE).

  • The language of operation will be that of the school, with bilingual exposure a key emphasis.

  • Children will have access to all school resources like gyms, libraries and playgrounds. A play-based program will include recreational activities, nutritious snacks, homework help, music and other programs.

  • The NDP’s plan will create an expected 20,000 new before and after school childcare spaces and 4000 new pre-school spaces to meet current demands for additional care.

‘’Many New Brunswick families struggle to find child care that is affordable, accessible and conveniently located. Parents feel the burden when childcare costs are high or lack flexible hours. Many question whether they should leave the paid workforce, put their children in care in another language, or slash their family budgets to afford the high costs of childcare. ‘’ – Jennifer McKenzie

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