Saint John September 4, 2018 – On this first day of school, Jennifer McKenzie announces the NDP plan to ensure that every child has the best possible chance of success. The whole child must be nurtured before they can learn. Barriers to learning such as hunger , healthcare,  stresses at home such as family violence must be removed before a child can reach their potential.

The NDP commits to adjust classroom size to meet the specific needs of students and be adaptable to each unique neighbourhood makeup across the province and hire 100 new professional like teachers, educational assistants, psychologists and social workers, to start doing this important work.

‘’We need to make a better plan to address the mental health needs of our students, especially in high schools, with self assessment tools and support of mental health professionals. ‘’ – Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the NB NDP

The NDP will reintroduce the support professionals cut from our  schools such as psychologists and occupational therapists. With a plan to recruit and support these professionals as an integrated part of education in this province, this is about more than hiring more staff, it’s about recruiting and retaining staff that will always be there for our children when they need it and who are supported by their employer so that they can do the best job possible.

The NDP will place a moratorium on all  rural school closures until a thorough process has reviewed the best way to support  schools in rural New Brunswick by consulting with those communities to meet their individual requirements. Childcare will be available in every school that has demand, which can help to support schools as the community hubs they often already are in rural areas.

‘’These are proactive steps that will help ensure success for our children. Myself and the NDP are taking a holistic approach to education. These changes will help students reach their potential, support parents, and give teachers the time to have those life altering moments with every child they work with. ‘’ – Jennifer McKenzie

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