January 29, 2018
Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Dear Jennifer:
Tonight, I join from afar with your friends and family, and our party members around the province to celebrate your nomination as our candidate for Saint John Harbour. And, I also offer my congratulations and best wishes to you as our Party Leader in the coming election.
It was my great honour and privilege to represent the people of Saint John Harbour as their MLA, representing the New Democratic Party. I look forward to you taking your seat in the Legislature to continue that tradition.
Saint John Harbour is, indeed, the resilient heart of the city of Saint John. We have been truly encouraged in recent years by the increasing diversity of our residents and the increasing number of businesses that have located here. And, as well, through the years so many community and labour organizations have enriched community life through their efforts and generosity. This constituency deserves the engaged leadership that you will bring.
And I profoundly believe New Brunswickers are yearning for political leaders who demonstrate genuine respect for our democratic institutions of government, in particular, our Legislative Assembly. New Brunswickers are yearning for leaders who value and practice public accountability to citizens – leaders who will put it front and centre in their legislative and political work.
Jennifer, your strong voice speaking against the cynical handover of our extra-mural public health service to Medavie, and the need for a living wage for minimum wage workers in New Brunswick has been so very welcome and is so badly needed during these difficult days.
I believe your integrity, and energy will make a vital contribution to restoring the confidence of so many people in our province, whose trust and confidence in the people they elect has been deeply eroded by successive Liberal and Conservative governments. These parties shamefully have treated our government as nothing more than their very own candy store, always putting their own private interests ahead of the public interest of citizens and communities.
Saint John Harbour needs you as our MLA! Our province needs your voice in the Legislative Assembly.
For surely “as long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world – none of us can rest.” These words resonate as strongly today as when Nelson Mandela first spoke them.
All good wishes.
Elizabeth Weir