Elizabeth Weir, Leader of the NB New Democratic Party for seventeen years, was the first elected female leader of a political party in New Brunswick and served in the legislature of New Brunswick from 1991 until 2005. She was a champion of women’s rights and a role model for women in politics. Today, she continues to advance this work through training of women parliamentarians throughout the world.
The Elizabeth Weir Fund has been established to support women candidates in the New Brunswick NDP. The first $5,000 raised in 2018 will be matched by a contribution from the NB-NDP. Donations will be pooled and distributed equally between all nominated women candidates.
Donations to this fund can be made by individuals in Canada (up to a $3,000 maximum) and NB residents will be eligible for a NB Provincial Tax Credit. Donations can be made online from the NB-NDP website, and cheques should be payable to “NB-NDP”, with “Elizabeth Weir Fund” in the Memo, or on the donation slip.