NDP plan for Innovation and Economic growth

Saint John, September 6, 2018 – Today at ConnexionWorks in Saint John, Jennifer McKenzie announced the NDP plan for Innovation & Economic Growth. 

The best way to stimulate economic growth is by putting more money in New Brunswickers’ pockets. The NDP’s vision to improve the province’s economy is to fight social inequalities by introducing a $15 minimum wage so that workers do not have to take on multiple jobs to just get

NDP team is complete and 51% of candidates are women

”On September 24th all New Brunswickers will have the opportunity to choose a party that will stand up for them, for workers, for youth, for families and for seniors in this province. They will have the choice to vote for NDP representatives that understand a hard days work, that are dedicated to community service, and that will do politics differently by fighting for issues like minimum wage as

100 new professionals in schools

Saint John September 4, 2018 – On this first day of school, Jennifer McKenzie announces the NDP plan to ensure that every child has the best possible chance of success. The whole child must be nurtured before they can learn. Barriers to learning such as hunger , healthcare,  stresses at home such as family violence must be removed before a child can reach their potential.

The NDP commits to

Labour Day : A message from Jennifer McKenzie

September 3rd, 2018

Today is the day that we’re honoring working men and women and the hard work and sacrifice they make every day for all of us.

I also want to acknowledge the leadership provided by the labour movement here and across Canada in improving the lives of all workers. Working men and women through their unions in the past have fought for and continue to fight today for better

NPD plan for environmental leadership

Saint John, August 31 2018 – Tomorrow is the Federal government’s deadline for provinces to submit a plan to reduce their carbon footprint. Jennifer McKenzie presented the NDP plan for carbon reduction to Federal government and handed it to Wayne Long, MP for Saint John Rothesay earlier this morning.

“This is opportunity to lead, not fall behind. It’s about investing in our future. The NDP’s position on carbon reduction ensures citizens and

Pay equity, stable work, fair wages and protection for our workers

Saint John, August 29 – Today in Fallsview park, Jennifer McKenzie with Keith Leblanc (NDP candidate for Fundy-the-Isles – Saint John West) announced that the NDP is committed to standing up for workers’ rights and will take leadership on fundamental reform of our labour laws in this province so that people have stable work, are paid a fair wage, and are protected when they get sick.

“What the NDP is

Improving care for residents and working conditions for workers in nursing homes

Moncton, August 28, 2018 – Jennifer McKenzie and candidates from the Moncton region, Helene Boudreau, Michel Boudreau and Joyce Richardson, announced that the NDP commits to saving New Brunswick community based not for profit nursing home system, and to improving working conditions for nursing home workers and care for residents.

“We have to make sure that all parts of our healthcare system is reliable and strong. Our nursing homes and special care homes

Jennifer McKenzie respond to minimum wage announcement by Liberals

“Today’s announcement that the Liberals want to raise the minimum wage to $14 shows that the NDP is clearly in the drivers seat in New Brunswick. We are driving the agenda across the province by standing up for workers and others who have been poorly neglected and overlooked by back and forth Liberal and Conservative governments. The Liberal government has had the poorest track record for addressing minimum wage.

NDP commits to create a Home Care Services public agency

Jennifer McKenzie committed to creating a new government agency in first mandate, Home Care Services agency to work hand in glove with the Extra Mural Program to provide medical needs and services supports to seniors and other New Brunswickers needing care in their homes. This will allow more patients to receive health care services in their own homes rather than in a hospital. The NDP believe in strong communities, where people look out

Improving access to gender on government ID

Improving access to gender on government ID

August 24, 2018 – Today in front of Service New Brunswick in Saint John, Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the party, and Olivier Hébert, NDP candidate in Fredericton West-Hanwell and first openly trans man candidate in New Brunswick, made an announcement about supporting trans people so they receive the same services as every New Brunswicker expects.

“People should