Jennifer McKenzie committed to creating a new government agency in first mandate, Home Care Services agency to work hand in glove with the Extra Mural Program to provide medical needs and services supports to seniors and other New Brunswickers needing care in their homes. This will allow more patients to receive health care services in their own homes rather than in a hospital. The NDP believe in strong communities, where people look out for each other and where everyone can thrive and live a good life. Many people, including seniors, need help but want to stay in their home, in their community where they have spent their lives, near their loved ones and friends.

“All the home care workers will be public servants, with decent wages and benefits and the good working conditions that go with it. Home care is a sector where many women are employed and struggle to make a living.  When workers have good working conditions, they are better able to help others. New Brunswickers want to stay in their homes, they want to stay in their communities, and the workers doing this important job need our support to help them do that.”  – Jennifer McKenzie

The Gallant Government’s approach to building some new nursing homes and announcing new beds hear and there, does not meet the desperate need for home care services that seniors need now. The privatization of our healthcare system and private management of home care services, indicates an approach that avoids finding solutions for citizens, and the workers who have dedicated themselves to this field. The NDP has already committed to ending this privatization and move the Extra Mural, Tele-Care and Ambulance NB into the public sector


P 10 005 – 7 Creation of home care services to provide support to those that need it