NB NDP Leader Announces New Policy
That Would Put a Cap On Rent Increases

New Brunswick NDP Leader Mackenzie Thomason is announcing a new policy that will put a cap on rent increases across the province. This is in line with his commitment to an NDP government that would put people first, not predatory landlords.

“If elected, an NB NDP government would immediately cap rent increases to 2.5%, or the annual inflation rate, whichever is lower.”

This is the first step in a wide range of programs that will let people stay in their homes and avoid exorbitant rent increases.

Thomason stresses the importance that a rent cap increase is not the only policy needed to fix the dire needs of renters, and those wishing to own a home across the province. Of note, he mentions that it is important to strengthen the Residential Tenancy Tribunal so that it protects tenants, not landlords.

“As the months continue we will prove through action that the NB NDP is the only party with a real plan to fix the housing and tenancy crisis in our province.”

Stay tuned for more information on how, by working together, we can fight back against the large REIT companies and predatory landlords pushing seniors out of their homes and young people out of the province.


Contact Information
Chris Thompson / NB NDP Communications Director
(506) 458-5828