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Jean-Maurice Landry

#5: Bathurst East – Nepisiguit – Saint-Isidore

Jean-Maurice is a blueberry farmer in the Acadian Peninsula and an advocate for the local agricultural communities in NB. Through his work in this industry, he saw first-hand how big industry have always been favoured by government while small and medium local business were being left behind.

Jean-Maurice’s agricultural business relies heavily on seasonal workers and he saw how the government’s policies affected his employees. To support his employees, he became a member of the Action Committee on Employment Insurance and took on the government in meetings, rallies and protest in the movement known as “Le Trou Noir”.

Jean-Maurice is a bilingual Acadian man living in Bathurst East – Nepisiguit – Saint-Isidore. “It’s time for a voice in the legislature that brings progressive change to the people of New Brunswick and Bathurst East – Nepisiguit – Saint-Isidore”. Jean-Maurice is ready to partner with Jennifer McKenzie to bring that progressive voice.