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January 31 2018
Jennifer McKenzie, NBNDP Leader nominated in Saint John Harbour
Saint John – Jennifer McKenzie, Leader of the New Brunswick NDP was acclaimed as candidate for the NDP for the next election in the provincial constituency of Saint John Harbour at a meeting of the constituency association tonight in Saint John.
Ms.  McKenzie in her acceptance speech said, “I accept the nomination of New Democrats in Saint John Harbour and pledge to you tonight to work as hard as I can to win the confidence of the voters of this riding.  With your help we will reach out to everyone in Saint John Harbour, connect with them and show them why sending an NDP member to the Legislature will make a difference in their lives”
A key point in her address was youth leaving the province,
“The concerns raised most often around the province are that our youth are leaving. Young men and women here in this riding tell me they want to stay in Saint John and make their lives here. “
“For youth to stay here, we must put a stop to precarious work where youth and too many others have to work two or three jobs to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Benefits must be the norm rather than the exception.  Why work for $11 an hour here, when they can move elsewhere and find full time employment?  That is why I will fight to bring the minimum wage to $15 “
She also talked about making women’s voices heard,
“Another concern is that womens’ voices are not being heard and respected. We must make the voices of women a priority in our political discussions, and address their issues such as safety from violence, access to doctors and clinics,   affordable universal and accessible daycare so single women and indeed all men and women can participate in the economy”
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