While on the picket lines yesterday, Mackenzie Thomason Leader of the NB NDP outlined the party’s plan to address the needs of public sector workers in New Brunswick.

Unlike Higgs, Thomason has promised Public Workers fair pensions and is resolutely against any shared risk model. With this in mind, Thomason states “This is the cornerstone of the NB NDP’s plan, ensuring public sector employees have defined benefit pensions gives workers the ability to retire with dignity!”

Additionally, Thomason calls for negotiated raises for public sector workers that would automatically accommodate any cost-of-living adjustments, that he says will protect public workers from future attacks. Thomason closed his statement by saying “Ending all private contracts in our public buildings will allow more unionization and ensure that formerly private positions have better pay and benefits.”

Mackenzie Thomason is the only provincial party leader that is a member of any CUPE local. The attached plan is specifically developed by consulting with picketers throughout the province. Our party leadership will be handing out the attached infographic to fellow picketers today to highlight the party’s plan when negotiating public sector contracts.