October 23rd 2017
After a weekend of speculation that the Gallant Liberals would call what would have been a very premature election, Premier Gallant has finally put to rest rumours.  This game-playing showed a complete disrespect for the people of New Brunswick, his staff and his coworkers in the Legislative Assembly.  Rather than working to improve the lives of the people, he is playing games with the democratic process.


“On Friday, Brian Gallant’s office sent out a press release saying that their mandate was accomplished.  I, like many New Brunswickers, was concerned that the Premier felt that his job was done.  This province suffers from having some of the  lowest paid workers in the country, an underfunded healthcare system, and a lack of opportunities such that our children have to move away to find work,” said Jennifer McKenzie, Leader of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party.


“How can the Premier say that he’s growing the economy when we have the lowest median incomes in the country?  Clearly the economy isn’t growing for everyone.” added Ms. McKenzie.


“The NDP is  ready for the possibility of an early election. With innovative policy proposals and a healthy campaign war chest, we are more than prepared to offer New Brunswickers a serious alternative to the same old failed policies that the Liberals and Conservatives have been offering for decades.” said Ms. McKenzie.