The New Brunswick NDP 2017 Leadership contest has begun, Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien and members of the party’s Executive announced today at a press conference in Fredericton.

“It is an exciting time to be a New Democrat in New Brunswick” said L’Italien

Party President Michel Boudreau stated that “the party is growing with new memberships, new donors and new staff. All over the province people are forming new riding associations and getting more involved.”

All potential candidates must be registered and have had their paperwork complete, by August 4th 2017.

Party Vice President Hélène Boudreau stated “the dates and process are very important for contestants to follow and the party is here to assist candidates if need be”.

In order to vote for the next leader of the NB NDP, members must be signed up by September 27th 2017 at 5pm.

Voting will be conducted with ranked ballots, which will be mailed out from the Provincial Office.

Further, Vice-President Boudreau stated “The final day to receive the ballots at the NB NDP office is October 27th at 5pm”.

In the event of a contested nomination, the results will be announced October 29th, and a winner declared.