rosaire leader

Leader’s Message
Hello friends and members new and old, it is with great enthusiasm to announce that I have accepted the position of Interim Leader that our party Executive unanimously offered to me. I’ve accepted this role until the Leadership Convention results are announced.I’ve been a journalist with CBC/Radio-Canada for 42 years in our province, during which time I have seen how the revolving door of Liberal and Conservative governments have consistently disappointed New Brunswickers.

Traditionally, the NDP has been different from the other parties in New Brunswick. The NDP offers a vision where every family has a path to the middle class, with good jobs, fair wages and a social safety net that protects every citizen, so people can fulfil their dreams.

The NDP is an inclusive party; we are motivated by our values, and we offer a vision for change that the Liberals and Conservatives simply do not share.

The NDP has a vision that a more just and more equal world is possible. We believe that everyone matters and that no one should be left behind. We believe in the power of government to address the limitations of the free market and act in the public interest for social, economic and ecological justice. I will be working hard to bring that message to all New Brunswickers, and your support will allow our movement to build.

We are going to have some heart-to-heart talks about where this party is going, about what our vision for New Brunswick could and should be, and how to make this vision a reality. The time has come for us to listen. In this process of renewal, I will be touring around the province, listening to you, the members, and asking for your input on how we can build a brighter future for New Brunswick, together.

I am not asking NDP members to work for me personally, I am asking all of us to work together for this beautiful vision we share.

Dream with me,

Rosaire L’Italien