Fredericton – NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien today panned the Liberal budget as “smoke and mirrors.” Said Mr L’Italien: “Gallant talks about how many jobs they’ve created but the fact is that in the last year New Brunswick has lost 2300 full time jobs. Good jobs, family supporting jobs, are being lost under Gallant.”


“The Gallant government has announced new money for universities, but nothing about lowering tuition. How can they possibly claim to support education when they refuse to lower students tuition and debts?” said Mr. L’Italian


“The budget notes that growth in household income is projected to fall this year and keep falling in the future. The costs of the basics like food and keeping the lights on are going up and the economy is not matching it. People are struggling and Premier Gallant is not listening.”


“On top of everything else we are losing 280 full time good paying jobs in healthcare because of the Gallant government,” said Mr L’Italien “The Gallant government is going in the wrong direction.”




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