Northern Economic Growth Strategy

Bathurst, September 6, 2018 – The North is at the heart of who we are as New Brunswickers. The abundant natural resources, the beautiful landscape and a proud and resilient people.  The peninsule is the heart of the Acadien community. It is critical that New Brunswick makes economic renewal of the North a key part of our overall Economic Growth Strategy.

An NDP government will bring good jobs and development to our northern communities by:

Increasing funding for roads and highways

An NDP government will budget $82 million to build a limited access highway from Janeville to Bertrand in response to an urgent call from the mayors of the peninsula. This limited access highway will help relieve issues of transporting goods such as fish, lumber, blueberries and peat moss from the north east corner of New Brunswick. This investment will be allocated from the existing $450 million annual capital budget for highway construction.

Additionally, an NDP government will commit to upgrading of the Road to the Resources from St Quentin to Bathurst from a chip seal to a paved road.

Creating A “Made in the North” Plan

An NDP government will work with the Northern business community, municipalities, farmers, fishers and all stakeholders  to develop a Made in the North Plan for economic renewal and industrial development.

The NDP’s Public Investment Bank would foster broad-based, regionally diverse, and equitable economic growth with a particular focus on closing the ‘capital gap’ for small and medium size enterprises. The NDP’s industrial strategy would work to target investments into adding-value exports and supply chains right here in New Brunswick.

An  NDP government will study the  creation of a galvanising plant in Northern New Brunswick to  service the many small and medium iron and sheet metal fabrication plants . Currently, businesses have to outsource this work to Montreal, resulting in added transportation costs.  Additionally, a locally owned and operated zinc coating plant would add a key missing piece of infrastructure to the North.

Updating  Forestry and Rural Development Policies

An improved  Woodlot Owners Marketing Board is needed to  remedy the bargaining imbalance between the large forestry companies and private woodlot owners in the North as well as elsewhere in the province. An NDP government would update the marketing board through new  Forestry and Rural Development policy.

An NDP government will create a Blueberry Marketing Board to ensure a fair price for blueberries and cranberries.

We know how important supporting our traditional industries are, whether its farming, fishing or forestry. However, these industries have been let down by successive Liberal and Progressive Conservative governments. An NDP government better manage our Crown land to support emerging value-added industries in the province for the benefit and jobs of many New Brunswickers. We would encourage innovation and high value products for here at home and around the world