Your NB NDP Executive

Mackenzie Thomason
Mackenzie ThomasonLeader
Mackenzie is our party’s fearless leader. As a member of CUPE Local 1253 he knows what it’s like to work for a living and wants to help you get your fair share.
Cyprien Okana
Cyprien OkanaPresident
Cyprien is a longtime NB NDP supporter. He is the first person-of-colour to run in the Moncton area. Always looking to help others succeed.
Alex White
Alex WhiteVice President
Alex has been with the NB NDP for a while. He knows what the party needs to succeed and he’s on track to helping us get there.
Martha Thompson
Martha ThompsonLeader's Appointment
Chair of the Senior’s caucus and longtime labour activist, Martha is well aware of the fight New Brunswick needs, and she’s willing to do it!
Treasurer & Past President
Treasurer & Past PresidentDoug Mullin
Longtime NDP activist, leadership contestant & election candidate. Doug helps run the Environment Caucus & provides candidate support during elections.
Danny Legere
Danny LegereFederation of Labour Representative
A labour activist since 1980 holding many positions in CUPE including President of CUPE NB from 2005-2019. Currently the president of the NB Federation of Labour.

Long time member of the NDP and was voted 3 years consecutively as one of the most influential francophones in NB by L’Acadie Nouvelle.

Serge Landry
Serge LandryZone 3 Representative
Longtime activist in New Brunswick, Serge is tuned in to many issues and faithfully serves as our Zone 3 Rep.
VacantZone 1, 2, 5 Representatives & Treasurer
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