FREDERICTON— The NBNDP announced their platform for Post-Secondary Education today. Jennifer McKenzie, Leader of the NBNDP, made the announcement at the Saint Thomas University Campus in Fredericton. The platform focuses on reducing barriers for students to access education in the province, so that they can graduate and focus on building their futures in New Brunswick.
“We must build a province where youth feel welcome and are given the conditions to thrive. Instead, today higher education is becoming more and more difficult for students to obtain in New Brunswick. Under Liberal and Conservative governments, tuition fees in universities have risen by 20% to the point where New Brunswick students now have the highest average debt load in the Country and they pay the highest interest rates on that debt.”
Jennifer’s bold plan features free tuition for community college students in New Brunswick as well as reducing undergraduate tuition for all New Brunswick publicly funded universities by 25%.
“Our plan will prevent Gallant’s intended 2019 tuition ‘reset’ that will cause tuition fees to skyrocket at the University of New Brunswick” the NDP leader said. “No more biting around the edges, it is time to start taking the bold steps towards universality in Post-Secondary Education. It’s time to start making education accessible to all”.
The NDP will make access to higher education more affordable for all New Brunswick students. These measures will be available to all students across Canada who choose to study in New Brunswick universities or community colleges. “Students should be encouraged to study in New Brunswick. Our graduates go on to find employment, create businesses, and raise families right here. It’s time to invest in our future.”
To reduce barriers to education in New Brunswick a NBNDP government would:
• Eliminate Community College tuition fees
• Reduce undergraduate university tuition fees by 25%
• Eliminate interest on provincial student loans
• Introduce up-front financial assistance for graduate students
• Invest in dedicated mental-health services on campus
The NBNDP plan will offer support to more students than the current Liberal plan under Premier Gallant, including improving assistance to graduating students. A key tenet of this platform is the mental health support systems that the NBNDP would put in place, as part of a holistic approach to ensuring student success. It’s time for investments in youth, education, and the future of New Brunswick.
For more information, please contact:
Andrea Bass, Executive Director
(506) 458-5828


Costing to follow with full announcement during campaign period.

P 10 005 – 5 Reducing Barriers to Post Secondary Education