Saint John, September 10, 2018 – Today the NDP announced its platform, a plan that will make a powerful difference for people now—because we cannot wait a moment longer.

‘’New Brunswickers have worked hard and deserve better. This is our platform for a real progressive alternative that will stand up for you—for workers, youth, families and seniors in our province.’’ – Jennifer McKenzie

Our platform represents the values of our party and the values of the people of this province.

People are looking for a party that will stand up for them and address the challenges they face every day. $15 an hour minimum wage. Public home care. More affordable post-secondary education. Before and after-school childcare. Environmental leadership. These are the things that will benefit people all across New Brunswick. These are the things that people have told us will make a difference in their lives. And this is what we will stand up for.

Read our full platform here. 

‘’It is important to give New Brunswickers a clear message that the NDP is listening to them. We are showing New Brunswickers a  vision for doing politics differently in New Brunswick, a vision that puts them first. When people are put first, great things happen!’’ – Jennifer McKenzie