Saint John, September 20 – The NDP is committed to building a New Brunswick where young people can see themselves in a prosperous future with good jobs and public services they can count on.

”The greatest challenge to our province is that our youth are leaving, our future is leaving. And when they go they  leave a hole in our families, our communities and in our hearts. For youth to stay here, we must make sure they see a bright progressive future in this province.” – Jennifer McKenzie

The NDP has bold and progressive ideas that reflect the public’s hope and optimism for the future of our beautiful province. Our platform was built by youth for youth.

  • By eliminating tuition fees for community colleges and cutting tuition fees at all public universities by 25 per cent, youth will stay here to study.

  • By raising the minimum wage to $ 15, reforming labour laws and creating jobs that match the skills, youth will want to stay here to work.

  • By providing  $ 10 a day childcare for children ages 3 to 12 and public services they can rely on, public health care and universal pharmacare , youth will want to settle with their families here.

  • By introducing a carbon reduction program that puts a price on carbon emissions and invests in green energy and infrastructure projects that will transition us to a green economy with green jobs, youth will see a innovative and exciting future here.

”For too long, the provincial government has dragged its feet instead of addressing the greatest challenges for today’s and tomorrow’s generations: the decline in quality full-time jobs, the rise of precarious work, stagnant wages and investment in innovative areas like green energy.”  – Jennifer McKenzie

The NDP is committed to build a New Brunswick where young people see their values reflected in the priorities of their government.