Friday September 21, 2018

This is it. The last stretch, the final countdown to Election Day.

During this campaign, I wanted to send a message to New Brunswickers that the NDP will stand up for them and their families. The NDP has a plan to build a province where no one is left behind and where young people want to stay.

We have a wonderful team of candidates, ones with true orange hearts, like Jack Layton’s, to carry the message of the NDP across the province, as I have done here in Saint John Harbour.  Our values are the same as Saint Johner’s and the same as New Brunswickers’.

Vote NDP this election:

  • Because you believe in strong public services, universal programs and community-based health care.

  • Because you want a minimum wage of $ 15 and stable jobs that match your skills.

  • Because you care about language rights and believe in New Brunswick’s dual nature.

  • Because you want the best education for our children.

  • Because you love our natural environment and want to transition to a green economy.

  • Because you want more women, more people from the LGBT community, first nations, different people, people like you, in the legislature, make decisions that will impact your life.

  • Because the NDP can hold the balance of power, and advancing the priorities of working people in the Legislature.

In the last few months I have spoken to thousands of people here in Saint John, and what I hear back is the feeling that past governments have only let them down.

There are workers struggling to pay their bills, families who can not afford child care, children living in poverty, businesses that are trying to innovate, and recent graduates concerned about opportunities here. People the government has forgotten.  And these people have lost faith in a government that will work for them, which I can understand.

It is time for the NDP to return in the legislature, it is time for the MLA of Saint John Harbour to work for those thousands of people who live in this riding because Saint Johners can’t wait any longer, those people can’t wait another 4 years of government that won’t work for them.

Only the NDP, will put your priorities firstOnly the NDP will make our province fairer and more equitable. If you talk to any NDP candidate, you will see a heart full of hope for the workers, young people and seniors of this province, a heart full of passion that New Brunswick deserves better.

On September 24th, believe in a better province, vote for a party that will put your priorities first, vote for your NDP candidate.

-Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the NB NDP