“Today I announce that the New Brunswick NDP will join the campaign for a $15 minimum wage “ said Jennifer McKenzie, Leader of the New Brunswick NDP in an announcement in Saint John today. New Brunswick families deserve a fair wage and a decent living. That’s why an NDP government would increase the minimum wage by $1 a year for four years until it reaches $15 an hour.”


“We cannot prosper and thrive in New Brunswick if each and every one of our workers can’t feel safe and secure at work and able to get ahead financially. Other provinces are now moving to recognise the harm to all of society when we have too much income inequality. Ontario and Alberta have now joined a North American movement for a fifteen dollar minimum wage. Its time we did too.”


The New Democratic Party will also address the world of working men and women and help to make real improvements in their working conditions and incomes in the upcoming election.


“Today I announce that an NDP government would conduct a comprehensive review of employment standards in the province with the clear objectives:


To improve the working lives, working conditions , and well being of all New Brunswick workers;


To increase the coverage of employment standard legislation to those currently excluded by the legislation;


To introduce common employer provisions to make franchisors responsible for the working conditions of employees of franchisees;


To end the practices of split shifts , call ins without pay and never knowing when you are scheduled to work’”


“We will run on a package of labour reforms that will help improve the lives of women and reduce youth out-migration” say the leader,   “I want to make the voices of women a priority in our political discussions and working women are disproportionately represented in low paying precarious work.”


Costing to follow with full announcement during campaign period.

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