New Brunswick NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien announced Wednesday that he was deeply troubled with recent revelations that the Premier’s Office was linked to the property tax scandal.


Recent revelations uncovered by CBC showed that the Premier’s Office had pushed to fast-track a new automated assessment process which caused over 2000 homeowners to be overcharged on their property taxes for renovations that hadn’t been done. The current government ignored warnings from Service New Brunswick staff that the new automated assessment system would take 2-3 years to properly test and implement in the province.


L’Italien called for a broader review of the system outside the assessment processes announced by the Premier. “We applaud the government for launching a review into the matter, but Justice Robertson should be given a broader mandate and undertake a full-scale review of the property tax system. It’s time we had a more open taxation process that prevents the perception that large companies and corporations have had their assessments reduced and home owners have risen. We need a system that’s fair and transparent for all.


“New Brunswickers know their taxes pay for crucial services and are willing to pay their fair and honest share. When that does not happen, that is an issue of trust.


“It’s time for a full scale review and overhaul of the property tax system.”