“This is very encouraging and confirms what we already know, that there is a real hunger among New Brunswickers for change,” said NB NDP Interim leader Rosaire L’Italien “we are currently rebuilding and while it is still early, we have seen a big increase in people signing up and getting involved.”


The NDP has had a 40% surge in membership in 2017, and all around the province new associations are being started. The poll showed the NDP jump to 12% in polls from 7% in the previous CRA poll, which was taken in November 2016.


“From here we are going to keep going up and keep moving forward,” declared Mr. L’Italien “I encourage New Brunswickers who are disillusioned to come join the NDP, work with us. Traditionally, the NDP has been different from the other parties in New Brunswick. The NDP offers a vision where every family has a path to the middle class, with good jobs, fair wages and a social safety net that protects every citizen, so people can fulfil their dreams.”