Commentary by NB NDP Interim Leader Rosaire L’Italien in The Daily Gleaner

The New Democratic Party of New Brunswick believes that we can build a more just and more equal future for all New Brunswickers.   

We are students and young people. We are seniors and retirees. We are business owners and workers.  We participate in the economic life of New Brunswick.  We are foresters, manufactures, we are servers and we are civil servants. We are Francophones, First Nations and Anglophones.  We are the newcomers that have made New Brunswick their home.   

The New Democratic Party of New Brunswick is an inclusive party that welcomes all members of our community that strive to make New Brunswick better. We, like you, have a desire to make New Brunswick the fairest, greenest, wealthiest province where citizens can have social and economic equality.  We stand on the basic tenet that we New Brunswickers have unlimited potential to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves in our personal and social life.  We believe every person has the desire to contribute to our community.  We believe that New Brunswick’s greatest assets are the people that call our province home. 

The New Democratic Party of New Brunswick believes that freedom of choice and human dignity are basic fundamental rights that all people should not only strive for, but have. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to make choices in where one wants to live in Canada and New Brunswick that must not be hampered by social and economic barriers that prevent the full potential of the individual no matter their station in life.    

The New Democratic Party of New Brunswick will insist on the equality of opportunity and the equality of rights in pay equity, education and in the democratic life of our community.  We believe that everyone has the right to earn a living wage.   

The New Democratic Party of New Brunswick is not only committed to standing in solidarity with all workers of New Brunswick, but also being the voice for those who want to participate in the workforce to help New Brunswick reach its full economic potential.   

We believe that those members of our community that by no fault of their own that face social and economic barriers should be encouraged and assisted in achieving full equality.  All New Brunswickers should have access to affordable housing, food security, and social mobility that is supported by a living wage. 

We believe that government must be open, honest and accountable in its relationship with the citizens of New Brunswick.  We believe like you do that secret deals are bad deals in that they compromise the trust that government is given by the citizens of New Brunswick.   

We believe that corporate handouts to private companies are not good for New Brunswick.   

The New Brunswick New Democratic Party believes that fair and progressive taxation is vital to ensuring that all New Brunswicker’s contribute fairly.  Tax breaks and secret deals for the wealthy and large corporations are not only unfair, but undermine the New Brunswick economy.    

For the New Brunswick New Democratic Party,  you,  the people of New Brunswick will always come first.