The NDP applaud and thank the Human Development Council and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for their excellent report entitled The Saint John Living Wage 2018 , which states that the living wage in this city is $18.18/h.
We believe that the NDP plan for a $15 minimum wage is a bold step forward to provide leadership to increase standards for all workers. $11.25/h is clearly not a living wage and is not enough for families or anyone in New Brunswick to pay their expenses each pay period.” – Jennifer McKenzie
Stable, secure jobs that pay a decent wage provide benefits to entire families and to the greater community. Families that can afford not only food and rent, but also to enroll their children in community activities are what keep vibrant communities like Saint John alive.
This report highlights that wages for too many workers in Saint John are not enough to allow them to provide for their family and pay for basic needs like rent, food, transport or childcare.
Right now there are too many families needing childcare that slip through the cracks in the Liberals’ plan, that do not qualify for subsidies, but still cannot meet their childcare needs with their current wages. Current subsidies for childcare don’t meet the needs of hundreds of families who are struggling to afford life in Saint John. As we see in this report, when you do the math, it just doesn’t add up.” – Jennifer McKenzie
Families in Saint John need quality childcare, close to their homes and at a cost that all parents can work with. Take a look on our Before & After School Care plan for 5-12 years old here.
The NDP stands for increasing the minimum wage to $15/h and universal childcare, so that families can afford a good life in New Brunswick.