NB NDP Leadership Race Finalizes

Mackenzie Thomason acclaimed as permanent Leader


The New Brunswick NDP 2021 Leadership Race has been finalized with Mackenzie Thomason being acclaimed as permanent leader of our party. We wish to thank all of those who participated in the race, both to our members who supported the various candidates for leadership and the candidates themselves. Mackenzie will assume leadership Tuesday, September 14th, 2021.


With Mackenzie as leader of the New Brunswick NDP, we will be the party to tackle the major issues facing New Brunswickers. Cost of living and precarious work is on the rise, but wages aren’t. Finding a reasonable place to live is becoming an impossibility for some in today’s economy. Under Thomason’s leadership the NB NDP is confident we will provide real solutions to real problems. 


The NB NDP is committed to being a party of changemakers, not wannabe bureaucrats. We can be bold and tackle the issues facing our province or we take the government’s current approach of pretending there aren’t any issues at all. There can be no tolerance for inaction when there are livelihoods on the line.


Being a CUPE 1253 member, Mackenzie wishes to extend a special thank you to all fellow members exercising their democratic voice in this crucial time for our province and will continue to stand with all his fellow workers for better pay, increased benefits, and stronger workers rights for all New Brunswickers.


The New Brunswick NDP and Mackenzie Thomason are committed to working alongside labour, community organizers, and everyday New Brunswickers to achieve these goals. Stay tuned for future upcoming statements from Mr. Thomason and the NB NDP.