September 3rd, 2018

Today is the day that we’re honoring working men and women and the hard work and sacrifice they make every day for all of us.

I also want to acknowledge the leadership provided by the labour movement here and across Canada in improving the lives of all workers. Working men and women through their unions in the past have fought for and continue to fight today for better wages and working conditions, safe workplaces and universal social programs such as Old Age security, Canada pension and Medicare. Today is a day to pause and reflect on these accomplishments and to renew our support for all workers and their just struggles for better workplaces

The NDP has a new approach to workers rights, one that puts workers first. Both workers and employers do better when they are supported by legislation that protects their rights and clearly states their responsibilities.

There is more that can be done for workers, the government is capable of reversing this trend towards part-time casual work that is low paid and precarious. Workers now more than ever are faced with no guarantee of hours or shifts, no benefits like paid sick leave or drug or dental coverage, and no pensions. How are youth supposed to build their lives when they are not supported? How are families supposed to save for their children’s education? And how are seniors supposed to retire?

In this election, the NDP is committed to standing up for workers’ rights and will take leadership on fundamental reform of our labour laws in this province so that people have stable work, are paid a fair wage, and are protected when they get sick.  Read our plan here:

-Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the New Brunswick NDP