Improving access to gender on government ID

August 24, 2018 – Today in front of Service New Brunswick in Saint John, Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the party, and Olivier Hébert, NDP candidate in Fredericton West-Hanwell and first openly trans man candidate in New Brunswick, made an announcement about supporting trans people so they receive the same services as every New Brunswicker expects.

“People should not have to pay additional costs to have their IDs reflect their gender. This financial barrier can be very difficult for someone who simply wants their ID to reflect who they are, so they are treated fairly and appropriately everywhere they present their ID. “ – Jennifer McKenzie, leader of the NB NDP

Currently to change gender on government IDs people require a psychological assessment that they have to pay out of their own pockets, this can cost upwards of $170 per visit.  Today, the NDP commits to make it easier to change gender identity on official government documents, identification and licenses by removing these additional costs.

“As a non-binary trans person, this issue is something that affects me personally and has affected many of my friends and I want to see a change. It is not only trans people whose lives will be improved, but New-Brunswick’s society as a whole will benefit from these positive effects. ” – Olivier Hébert, Fredericton West-Hanwell NDP candidate

Jennifer McKenzie and NDP candidates will be part of the Pride Parade in Moncton on August 25th.


P-10-005-6-Changes to gender on government IDs