“Today’s announcement that the Liberals want to raise the minimum wage to $14 shows that the NDP is clearly in the drivers seat in New Brunswick. We are driving the agenda across the province by standing up for workers and others who have been poorly neglected and overlooked by back and forth Liberal and Conservative governments. The Liberal government has had the poorest track record for addressing minimum wage.

We continue to stand by $15 an hour, not $14 an hour, as being the wage needed for workers to pay their bills and keep their heads above water.  But the NDP also knows that changes to employment standards must happen at the same time so that workers have safe and stable working conditions and are protected from precarious work.

The NDP released its plank on $15 an hour – including changes to employment standards – a year ago and we have many more policies to improve the lives of New Brunswickers to come.  We have an incredibly strong team of candidates across the province and they will carry the NDP’s message to the people while we continue to set the agenda for this province. Imagine what the NDP could do for you in the legislature. “