Earlier today, the New Brunswick government announced pay increases for minimum wage workers.
It is unacceptable that raising the minimum wage by $2.00/h results in the largest wage increase in
over 40 years. It is clear that the government failed to adequately consult with non-profit
organizations advocating for a healthy living wage. Due to the out-of-touch leadership shown by this
Conservative Government, the New Brunswick NDP once again proposes a wage plan that puts New
Brunswick’s Workers first.

Mackenzie Thomason, Leader of the New Brunswick NDP is calling for a total overhaul of labour
standards in this province. The NB NDP plan will ensure a fair work-life balance for all residents
beginning with a two-pronged approach.

The NB NDP plan would allow for an annual increase of $2.05/h. These yearly increases would
result in a minimum wage of $26.10/h, plus inflation, by August 2028. This wage addresses the
needs of workers in this province who live below the poverty line and deserve a living wage.

The New Brunswick NDP would also see the hours required to qualify for overtime gradually
decrease to 32.5h by August 2028. Reducing the number of hours required to earn a living wage, and
ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

In 2018, the New Brunswick NDP campaigned for the Minimum wage to be $15/h. It is almost 2022
and New Brunswickers are still waiting for a government that will pay them a real living wage.

The NB NDP plan confronts the current Government’s failure to address the needs of residents in
this province. “The economic situation of everyday workers is unacceptable! For far too long; too
many in this province have struggled to even afford the basics. Putting money into the pockets of
workers will stimulate the economy far better than any amount of corporate welfare. Our plan
addresses decades of stagnation suffered by workers of this province and will grow the economy
from the bottom up and make sure no one is left behind.” NB NDP Leader Mackenzie Thomason
said when detailing his party’s plan.