Former provincial and federal NDP candidate Josh Floyd recently created a petition calling upon Premier Higgs to resign in the wake of the numerous scandals faced by the current government. The petition now totals over eighteen thousand signatories.

The current provincial government’s negligence to the residents of this province has become painfully clear. It claims not to have enough money to pay its workers, but has engaged in corporate welfare, not raising lumber dues, gave payouts to large corporations, and has continued to look down upon indigenous peoples in this province. The province, if not mismanaged, and ran responsibly, would and still is able to pay its workers a fair wage, even with millions irresponsibly spent. The livelihoods of workers in this province should always be the priority of any government. After five years of expired contracts for some CUPE workers, it has become painfully clear that the current government cares little for its public workers.

The petition written by Mr. Floyd, was made shortly after the Government had further decided to cut funding to the Sussex Committee for the Prevention of Family Violence and demanded that part of its funding be returned.

When asked about the funding cuts, Josh stated: “The vital work to help the survivors of domestic violence fostered by The Sussex Committee for the Prevention of Family Violence saves and helps to rebuild lives and must be able to continue so that people can receive the help needed to heal. The remainder of the funding should be immediately restored so survivors are able to receive help within the Sussex community immediately. There can be no hesitation when it comes to the needs of victims of domestic violence.”

Providing Corporate welfare to corporations and the given the remaining crumbs to residents (like a 5-cent minimum wage increase) is not how one builds a healthy New Brunswick.

Residents of this province need a government that puts their needs first and foremost, and the current government is failing to provide.